Saturday, October 31, 2009

Election ponderings

The "right" is least in NY-23. The electorate there has awakened and the (a)pathetic Republican leadership who endorsed Scozzafava (like Newt Gingrich) got a rude face-slap. Good.

Maybe the RINOs in charge of the GOP will realize that the McCains of the party are never going to go any farther then where they are right now. And, that the real life blood of the party is truly a little more to the right than they think it is.

The conventional wisdom in the GOP is that Palin cost McCain the last election. The conventional wisdom was wrong. McCain was going to fail. It was only his pick of Palin that caused the election to even be close.

If you look at who the media and the "elite" punditry and the hard-left political operatives targeted in the last election cycle and beyond, it wasn't McCain. It was Palin.

You don't waste ammo on targets that are no threat.

Do you see any attacks on McCain right now, one year post-election? Nope. They died at the same time as his electoral hopes did. And yet, Palin is still an object of scorn and ridicule and vitriol. She is still polarizing the left in much the same way that Bush still is. Why? Because she is still a danger to them.

Keep an eye on her. She is the most dangerous opponent for the Liberal Left, and they know it. She represents the same threat to their agenda that Reagan (PBUH) did, and for the same reasons.

Assuming we get to vote again in 2010 and 2012, look for a strong showing by people who support Liberty-be they Democrat, Republican, or third party. The Statists will do everything in their power that they can to destroy them if possible, but they will fail if the people are able to see through the lies. Our job will be to ensure that the clear message of Liberty is spread far and wide and that we show strong support for those people who value and protect Liberty.

In the meantime, keep your powder dry, and your eyes and ears open.