Thursday, September 3, 2009

What if?

What if everything we are seeing in our government, but refusing to acknowledge as possible, is really happening?

What if our representatives refuse to relent, and continue down the path of this most-current power grab?

What if the President really does want to fundamentally transform the United States into a Marxist totalitarian country (Constitution be damned)?

What if the citizens currently being dismissed as right-wing nut-job extremist astroturfers decide that there really IS a line in the sand this time?

What then?

Think about it...



MaddMedic said...

Frightening. I had a discussion with a fellow instructor yesterday as we returned from teaching 2 classes worth of State Patrol officers. I mentioned how upset we were with how crappy a job Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their lackeys, thugs and underlings were doing. I stated if we were this pissed off, what must those whom were a bit on the "edge" going to do when their "trigger" was finally tripped. What would it take to trip my trigger? When they come to my house and make demands?

Steve R said...

I'm not a great student of history, but I've read and heard the theory that in the run up to WWII, the citizens of Germany were in a similar mindset as the US today. They sort of knew what was going on, but really didn't believe that "their" leaders would commit such atrocities. Most remained ignorant (not an insult) until after the war.