Saturday, September 5, 2009


Gun Control laws are NOT about the guns. They are about the CONTROL. They are about removing the only effective means of resistance to tyranny that the citizens have at their disposal.

Those who advocate policies of control only want power over you, and ultimately the power over whether you live or die. Do not give them that control over you in any aspect of your life. Not over Guns, Medicine, Speech (internet), Travel ("watch lists"), Property (Kelo v. New London), Energy (Cap and Tax Trade), or Business (Card Check, General Motors, Chrysler, TARP).

Government justifies itself by continuing to infringe upon all aspects of life it can get away with. It is the nature of government and must be held in check to the irreducible minimum necessary to preserve a functioning society, and nothing more.

Above all, never forget the price paid for your freedom. Good men and women of honor paid the ultimate price in blood for your liberty. Honor that sacrifice.


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