Friday, September 11, 2009


I remember where I was in 2001. I remember watching the second plane hit the tower. I remember the news reports of the plane hitting the Pentagon. I remember the report of the plane crashing in the Pennsylvania countryside.

I remember cleaning my pistol and my shotgun and not knowing what was going on but needing to prepare, just in case. I remember not being able to get through to friends in DC, and wondering if they were alive.

I remember just being there with a bottle of Jack and an uncritical ear, helping my next-door neighbor to unburden some of the horror after he got home from the Pentagon, still sooty and smelling of smoke and needing a friend who would listen.

I will never forget.




Old NFO said...

I lost three good friends that day, I will never forget, nor will I forgive...

Jay G said...

I'm with Old NFO.

Nuke 'em 'til they glow, then carpet bomb the survivors.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

I was 15 miles away, sitting at my desk at work. The second plane hit as I went to the cafeteria to get my second cup of coffee and it came on the t.v. We all stood there with mouths agape at the wanton destruction of lives and property. I've lost count of how many people I knew or met, who died in the Towers. It was surreal. They let us go home early and I remember thinking what a beautiful weather it was on the drive home. My landlord was already a block away from his office, near the Towers when he turned tail and ran for dear life. He remembers people jumping out of the Towers' windows. He was stranded in Manhattan till the middle of the night. No-one could go get him because the tunnels and bridges had been blocked off. He walked across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn and hitched a series of rides back home. Along with the people I knew, many office spaces that I designed and built in the Towers were gone too - practically a lifetime of work. We should have glassed over the entire Middle East. Seriously.