Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Politics of Personal Destruction

Have you ever wondered why the Statists seek to destroy people like Sarah Palin or Clarence Thomas? Do you wonder why they represent such a threat to the Statist agenda? Have you wondered why the Statists are so anti-Capitalist and seek to villainize the successful entrepreneur?

Is it because these people expose the lies that must be spread in order for Statism to succeed?

Think about that one.




Old NFO said...

Good point... VERY good point!

tjbbpgobIII said...

I would rather be known by the enemies I have than by the friends. The left and rights hatered of Sara Palin only makes me think the better of her. My wife doesn't get it yet and thinks she should'nt have quit but I think the reason she gave is a really valid point. She could not do the states business while contending with all those phony lawsuits. she saved Mclames ticket and made the race closer than it would've been and I hope she's got some plan for 2012. 3rd party hopefully.