Monday, August 31, 2009


Flashpoint n. def: The flash point of a flammable liquid is the lowest temperature at which it can form an ignitable mixture in air.

The word "flashpoint" is also used in describing the mood of a group, at the exact point when a group becomes a mob. Usually a catalyst of some sort incites a group into action as a mob, and that catalyst may be natural or artificial.

In the course of events in our modern political arena, we are reaching a flashpoint. We have a Federal Leviathan aggrandizing ever more power unto itself, in direct contravention of its Constitutional authority to do so. We have citizens attempting to air grievances with their representatives, only to be told that their concerns are not valid. We have those same representatives creating theater for the media by importing false constituents into scripted meetings, to arrive at pre-determined outcomes, in order to salve their consciences as they sell their souls.

To what end?

In any society, there can only be two choices as to the direction of the populace: Liberty, or Slavery.

Those who would enslave you do so incrementally, a thousand small cuts at a time, until you are bloody and weakened and wondering where the final death cut came from that subjugated you completely. Until you are nothing less than a complying drone begging for alms from an indifferent master, while the master lives a life of ease paid for by your misery.

This is the choice of those who would gladly beg comfort from their government, paid for by the labor borne on the backs of their neighbors and by the sale of their children into the never-ending servitude of runaway taxation. This is the dreary reality of totalitarianism, under the guise of benevolent socialism for the greater good.

Liberty, on the other hand, requires effort. Liberty requires vigilance. Liberty demands the self-sacrifice of excellence, given for the benefit of self, to the greatness of individual achievement, and personal freedom. Only a person sworn to Liberty, and willing to sacrifice their labor for the singular purpose of excellence, will be truly free. Only a person committed to Liberty, can truly give to Charity, because only that person understands the true cost of the gift that they give, which was earned, and is rightfully theirs.

Only the person who demands the best of himself and others is going to understand this fully. Only that person will be able to fight for Liberty, because they know the value, and the cost.

The people who understand this, know that the struggle for liberty is a struggle against slavery in all guises. They understand that this is a battle of polar opposites. They understand that this is a battle to the death, for the two systems are incompatible with one another. We have been slouching toward this confrontation between these two ideologies for almost 100 years now.

The proponents of slavery are now in control of our government, with a smiling figurehead in the Oval Office to misdirect the debate. Make no mistake: Socialism, Progressivism, Communism, Fascism, they are all cut from the same cloth. The cloth that will bind you as a serf to the needs of a political class. A class which exempts itself from the mandates it passes down to the subjects. A political class which no longer feels the need to be honest with its subjects constituents, because they are doing these things for the "greater good of society".

We are reaching a flashpoint. We are coming to the point when the body of the citizenry will be forced to choose sides based on ideological ideals. Those who would enslave their fellow citizens and sell their children into servitude for "health care" or "social security" or guaranteed housing, food, and other basic necessities, are not your ally if you treasure Liberty.

When the flashpoint is reached, you will know. When the flashpoint is reached, you too will have to choose. Know your allies. Choose wisely.



Jay G said...

Amen, Newbius.

I've chosen.

drjim said...

Well put!

Anonymous said...

Nex ut Tyrannus (and their supporters)!