Monday, July 20, 2009

S.1390 and Reciprocity

Senate Appropriations Bill 1390, the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2010 is on the floor of the Senate right now. Senator Sessions (R-AL) successfully attached a hate crimes amendment to the bill, which passed nearly unanimously.

The next item to be discussed then was Senator Thune's (R-SD) pending amendment (S.A. 1618) which will force national reciprocity among the states which currently issue concealed carry permits. In a stunning show of Hubris, Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ) complained vocifersously about this amendment being attached to a defense authorization bill, as if the hate crimes law voted on immediately prior was in-line with the goals of national defense! Senator Lautenberg then trotted out the typical "blood in the streets" arguments, followed by a complaint about the Fed usurping State's rights or some such nonsense. The poor states! How dare the Fed impose its will upon them in the area of gun rights!


At this instant there is a quorum call going out to the body of the Senate, the membership having snuck out the back door upon passage of the hate crimes amendment. Given the fact that this amendment will force a vote by every senator in Congress on gun rights, I can see why they would run scared. Most of these twits are between the rock of partisan politics on the one hand, and the hard spot of their constituencies on the other.

I called both of my senators today, and could not speak to a live body in either office. Senator Warner's office allowed voice mail, and I dutifully left a message. Senator Webb's office could not come up with either a live body, or a working voice mail system (the box was full).



*** UPDATE (19:25ET) ***

The Senate has adjourned for the evening without considering the amendment. The quorum call failed (cowards...). It looks as though the amendment has been tabled for consideration until Wednesday, at which time they will take the matter up again for debate and a vote. Call your Senator and request that they vote in favor of SA1618 to S.1390, the Thune Reciprocity Amendment to the Defense Authorization bill.


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