Saturday, July 18, 2009

President for Life.

How does that sound?

We already have entrenched congressional representatives serving consecutive terms for as long as their Gerrymandered districts remain idealogically pure, and their vote-buying schemes continue to reap rewards. Why not have a President for Life?

It really makes sense, if you think about it. I mean, our pure and chaste congress-persons only have our best interests at heart whenever they vote a new law into place, right? And, our government masters always seek the very best outcomes for the greatest number of people without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, or station in life, right?

And we have absolutely no evidence that our government representatives engage in ethically dubious dealings with lobbying firms, corporations, influence peddlers, international cartels, or criminal syndicates, right?

We have never seen any evidence that our particular form of government causes people to fulfill Lord Acton's observation on the nature of power, right?

We have no evidence that entrenched bureaucracies answerable to the Executive Branch have abused their authority and oppressed their subjects, right? Miller, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Olofson are aberrations, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

House Joint Resolution 5, introduced on January 6th, 2009 by Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) proposes the repeal of the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. If passed in Congress and ratified by 38 states, HJR5 will remove the term limit to the Presidency that was put into place after the last attempt at President for Life, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It would allow again for the US equivalent of "dictator-in-chief" similar to what was experienced in the 1930's, a very dark time in our nation and the beginning of our decline into a Progressive Worker's paradise.

This bill is sitting in committee right now, and has been since February 9th. I do not expect any action on it, but do find it interesting that these things only raise their ugly heads when a popular Democrat is in office. I confess that the presence of this bill is not ominous by itself, and even sparks a hint of optimism on my part. Optimism, because I fully expected the 2012 (or even the 2010) elections to be disrupted by some "emergency" preventing their occurrence (swine flu, anyone?).

The Libertarian and Conservative in today's political scene is over-matched. They do not believe that government is the answer to any question. They will be destroyed by those who are devout in their belief that government is the solution to every problem, and who are willing to kill to prove it. The Leftist, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, STATIST, political animal however, KNOWS that politics is blood sport. The STATIST knows that politics is the means to whatever end they desire. They know that the power usurped from the people will be used to subjugate the people. They will do so to achieve their end.

Al Gore recently let slip that the Cap and Trade legislation was a foundational building block to global governance. Government-run Universal Health care will be a tool to weed out the undesirables like you and me who believe we have the right to Liberty, and who oppose global government. Al Gore believes, as does every Statist I have ever met or read, that global governance is the solution to all the world's ills. They ALL believe that they will be the one holding the levers of power, for power is what they are truly after - Constitution be damned.

Your rights as a human being, my rights as a human being, will be trampled by them. No doubt about it. Their goal line runs through you. What are you going to do about it?

< Tired refrain time>
Call your Congressperson. Tell them you oppose HJR-5, the resolution for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment. Tell them you oppose Cap and Trade. Tell them you oppose the current Health Care reform plans. Tell them you oppose another stimulus. Tell them you oppose increased taxes (on anybody, not just the "wealthy").
< /tired refrain>

Tell them to get out of your lives.

Tell them that the choices are narrowing.

Tell them that the hogs are hungry.



Old NFO said...

Not no, but HELL NO... That one isn't going to go anywhere. I heard about it from a friend on the hill in early Feb, and I was on the phone to ALL my congresscritters the next day.

Mike W. said...

There's not that much difference between "Statist" and "Sadist".