Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old ground, newly plowed

Civilizations come and go with boring regularity in the span of history. Every couple of hundred years, a society begins, waxes great, then decays in the slime of lethargy and sloth, or burns in the fire of radicals and revolutions.

We are at that crossroads in American history.

We have a radical attempting to remake our society into a despotic hell of tyranny and bureaucracy from the podium of Hope and Change. On the other hand we have decay, decadence, and filth assaulting us from the "culture centers" of Hollywood and New York. All the while, our State-run schools turn out under-educated, self-absorbed, cretins with low morals, no ability to think rationally, but with phenomenal self-esteem.

And we wonder where our country is going?

Anybody who has ever read history and understood it can tell you where we are headed. The real question is this one: "What are you going to do about it?" YOU, the VOTER, need to get OFF of your ass and get involved again. You, the person who pays your taxes but cannot be bothered to get involved in the system early, RIGHT NOW WHEN THE CANDIDATES ARE CHOSEN, but can find the time to text your favorite no-talent on American are getting what you deserve. And, I don't like it.

Don't like the choices? Find someone else and support them! Run yourself! DO SOMETHING!

Do not let Alinsky-like tactics bowl you over. You, the citizen, are the boss. Not Washington. Not Richmond, or Sacramento, or Albany, or Springfield, or Tallahassee, or Olympia. Do not let them get away with passing bills they haven't read. John Conyers won't be bothered to read the crap his committee is spewing onto the floor of Congress for a vote? FIRE HIM.

All of you effing cowards who wail into your beers but refuse to walk precincts, recruit talent, and get involved make me angry. You will all sit idly by and watch, until they knock on your door in the middle of the night and ask for your guns...Which you will then hand over because you have already lost your spine.

Less than 30% of Americans want to turn our country into another progressive workers paradise. More than 50% want to keep our country honoring conservative values. Sadly, fewer than 3% of you would willingly fight for what you profess belief in. The <30% crowd will win this one if we don't stop them.

Find a way to get engaged in the process right now. Before it is too late. Because if you do not, the process will engage you and saying "I didn't think it would be like this" won't cut it with me.

The Tree of Liberty is dying of thirst...


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Old NFO said...

Excellent post! And sadly oh so true... People don't want to act, because then they have to get off the fat asses...sigh...