Saturday, June 27, 2009


The most recent power grab by the Democrats in the House of Representatives has me wondering where the patriots are in that stellar body? All that I have seen recently from them is naked aggression against Freedom and Liberty. All in the name of obtaining and retaining control over the levers power.

Woe be unto them when they discover where the real power in the U.S. is held.

I have spent the past week shaking my head in awe at the absolute avarice on display by the Democrats in power at the Federal level. I have been rendered speechless by the sheer audacity of the attempts to remake our nation into a centrally-controlled economy, driven by planners and bureaucrats completely unaccountable to the People. A country whose wealth will be drained by those in power, and whose laws and rules will become changed into a system of political spoils and "party" rule.

As someone who is NOT a member of the favored party, and who holds beliefs antithetical to those who would usurp my sovereignty as a free citizen, I have decided that prudence counsels me to go publicly silent on political issues for the time being. I will leave the strident criticism bewailing our loss of Liberty to those whose positions are more secure.

For now.

In the meantime, I will be preparing myself and my family to weather the coming storm. I suggest that you do likewise. Stay vigilant.

Qui desiderat pacem, preparat bellum...




Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah.

They lie, steal wealth, hand it over to the unions.

They practice overt racism.

They destroy 30% of America's wealth.

They infringe on every aspect of teh Bill of Rights.

They practice utter lawlessness.

Obama clearly wants to be a dictator and supports incumbent dictators.

We do nothing. I guess then only time that anything will happen is if they come for the guns?

Business as usual. Nothing will change. Nobody is resisting.

Oh yeah - the Tea PArties. BFD.

Newbius said...

Yeah, Anon, I get it.

And we still elect people like Charles Schumer and Charlie Rangel who think that we are vassal serfs whose only benefit to society is to provide money to line their pockets and secure their power.

The power is at the ballot box, even though the rules have been rigged to keep these people in power. It may well come down to the attempt to confiscate the guns before people wake up, but they WILL wake up.

We are either going to solve this by elections, or we are going to solve this with violence. It will get solved, whether the political elites like it or not.

So, question to you is what steps are YOU taking to fix this? I know what I am doing, I am just not doing it as publicly any longer...