Monday, June 8, 2009

Moonstair quest, Log Entry 3

Archer's Log
Trollhaunt Warrens

Ahhh.....crap! I knew it was my fault.

Even though I was *QUITE* stealthy working my way over to the door, I had to stop and take in the scene. Stupid of me... Halfway to the opposite door, I stopped to cover the group and make sure I could hit the troll and bear if they attacked. The group decided to stay and fight instead of exiting, stage right...

The disaster that resulted could have been great, except our *diplomat* gave away all of the treasure. Ah well. So it goes in the life of an adventurer. .

At least I got to show my companions that I can mix it up at close range. They seemed to think that I like to only battle from afar like some coward... Well, Duh! Why get hurt? I mean, scars are cool and all, but you have to get wounded in order to have them...

Anyway, we managed to escape the troll and the dire bear only to have Lord Obsidian give away the treasure to the dragon. Now we are going to have to kill her to take it back. We got info, sure. But, couldn't we have just flattered her for a few more minutes? I mean, Dragons like only two things: flattery and treasure. Give enough of one, you might not have to give any of the other. Ah well, so it goes.

Anyway, back to the problem at hand. We have a Troll king who wants to re-establish a realm. We have a black dragon in league (or loose alliance?) with it. We have a very big dungeon full of trogs and trolls. Yeesh! It would be nice if some of them bathed at least annually... These warrens stink! (And, I thought that the dragonborn smelled...go figure.)

Given the sorry state of the town's defenses, and the slow progress made in improving them, we might have to end this fight in these warrens. It is starting to look like one long crawl through endless meaningless battles until we arrive at Skalmad's crib.

If the party holds together, we should be alright. There is a small bit of friction right now and it would help if we had a strong party leader. I lack the experience to do so. Lord Obsidian could do it, as could any other member of our party. We just need to work out our roles. On a brighter note, we have enough diversity of talent that we should be able to overcome any obstacle. That is, if I learn to shut up when others are talking. I never was any good at diplomacy...

Anyway, when I get back to town, I will tell Squeaks that he might get to help after all. Squeaks told me before we went to the warren that he has a few friends who have arrived in town. Some good guys to have around in a fight. If we make it back out of this hole, I will tell the group what Squeaks told me. Maaaaybe we can use these guys in defense of the town. It is worth asking about.

In the meantime, I am following Lord Obsidian. He has a pretty good idea what he wants to do in here, and I still have arrows and rations. What else would I rather be doing?


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