Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gun Show in Richmond this weekend

Nothing much to write about right now. Work is a living Hell with no relief in sight. Obama is continuing to ram his Fascist agenda down our throats with his willing accomplices in both parties of Congress. The fawning Media fails to cover what is really going on in the fight against our Liberty.

And, I am short on Ammo.

None of these things are related, I assure you...

But, with the gun show in Richmond coming up and Georgia Arms planning to attend, I am hoping to pick up a couple-thousand rounds of 5.56mm for Beauty for something less than $.50 per round.

I am not happy with the results of the last sight-in, and I have to re-zero the scope since I adjusted it in the rings. I figure that the sighting dance will take at least two standard magazines' for the BUIS, and one for the scope.

I am not yet comfortable with my proficiency using the iron sights and I need to get better. It will come in time, I know. I just need a lot more practice with the rifle. Also, I still need to teach the boys how to shoot it. So, I need more ammo.

Weather permitting, we should be able to put a couple of hundred rounds down-range. It will make a nice diversion from the daily grind.

If you go to the Greater Richmond gun show, I'll see you there. I'll be the one in the Gadsden T-Shirt.



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