Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Treaties and Law.

David Codrea has some excellent links on his blog which you MUST READ regarding treaties pending before the Senate and also being passed around the dark and smoky back rooms of the United Nations. The worst item of the bunch, though, is this little gem that the former president foisted upon us unawares and which the current president is gleefully pursuing. It is, after all, an existing gun law.

I sent the below message to a correspondent of mine yesterday. After reading what David has linked to, I have decided to re-post it today on my blog. It is mostly stream-of-consciousness, and I apologize in advance if some of the context is lost. Please think about the core message though.

"I am a life-long Republican who is sick of his party.

I cannot even conceive of voting Democrat.

I wonder if we can get a true "Liberty" party up and running between now and 2010? Or maybe co-opt the Libertarian Party with real small-government people and save the drug de-criminalization issue for another time? I just don't know. I DO intend to find out though. I am sure of one thing though...right now it is time to throw ALL of the bums out who are up for re-election.

It might buy us enough time to slow down this train we are on.

I have this nagging fear that the nation may have passed the tipping point and we just do not know it yet. I have a relative who works at a major university, and I am being told that the college professors there are getting armed and are obtaining their carry permits. Many of them for the first time in their lives. Something about the threat this time feels very different.

Clinton was bad, but you could tell he was triangulating to get the biggest amount of credit possible. It really seemed like Clinton was in it for the media glow and the babes.

Obama, on the other hand, is a true-believer. He isn't in it for the votes or the glory. He is in it to get as much stuff changed as quickly as possible. He is in it to get his agenda past the point where the citizens can fix it easily.

Every time some mini-scandal breaks, something bigger slides through. Classic mis-direction. The AIG Scandal? Media cover for FNMA/FHLMC bonuses at 5x the cost and absolutely NO reporting! "Look! Shiny!!" Watch the OTHER hand every time. Some odd stuff is getting slipped through every time some minor infringement gets coverage.

You have to actually go to the House and Senate web pages to even get the synopsis of the stuff that is sliding on through...because nobody is paying attention in the "watchdog media". They are enablers, and they are hoping for crumbs from the master's table.

I have this firmly-held belief that the Founding Fathers put the Treaty provisions into the Constitution with the understanding that the elected leaders would hold our National values dearly. That the treaties the President would sign would align with our founding values. That they would support, rather than undermine the Constitution. That the provision assumed that the leader would not be someone with the intent to subvert the nation.

It strikes me now as the fly in the ointment. The flaw in the plan.

What if a true subversive gained the highest elected office in the land? What if the treaties he signed undermined our sovereignty? What if the Senate was willing to ratify these treaties, because they had some of that hopey-changey feel-good faith as well?

What really happens then?"

Readers, we are there right now. What is your liberty worth to you? Get active with your "representatives". Be willing to tell them that they either preserve your Liberty, protect and defend the Constitution, and oppose these subversions, OR you will do everything in your power to see that they get defeated in the next election, assuming there IS a next election.

Right now we only have our voices. Make yourself heard. The alternative is far too ominous to contemplate.




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