Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Awesomeness..

I am two cups of coffee into the day and so far it is "Aces" all the way. I have sunshine, a happy cat in my lap, and a daughter who wants to go shooting for the first time in her life. (Meaning: She asked me if she could come when I mentioned I wanted to go to the range.)

I need the practice, and I am getting tired of being cooped up in the house. So, we are going to the range later today. (Yippee!)

While reading some of my favorite blogs, I ran across some more pearls from Brigid (who ALWAYS has pearls!). Brigid has some thoughts on targets that are worth reading. No recipe though. :(

The information is timely because Lefty (my daughter-princess) wants to go. I am going to require that my daughter (16) read Brigid's post before we go to the range.

Lefty is an amazing girl. She is intelligent, funny, strong-willed, and very responsible. Which means we clash a lot because she knows it already, and most of the time (though not all) she really does. So now I have to face that my role in her life has changed again. I get to be a teacher on demand, and safety net the rest of the time.

I might need some help here though. She is left-handed and I don't know which eye is dominant. I can teach the 4 rules and general safe handling, and I can teach her how each gun works that she will shoot, order of operation, sight alignment, breathing, squeeze, etc... What I need to overcome is the Dad/Daughter friction that sometimes exists with Teens.

What is the best way to approach the first time at the range so that she enjoys it?

Maybe I am worrying too much...




JR said...

So how did it go?

Newbius said...

It was a sparkling good time. :D

I reinforced the safety basics and then just let her set the pace. By the time she had had enough, we went through more than 200 rounds of .22LR, about 50 rounds of .32, and 100 rounds of .45 (mostly me shooting the .45s). She tried the .45s (I have an Astra A-100 and a S&W DA45 pre-WW2 revolver) but they are still a bit much for her right now, the auto more so than the revolver. I wasn't keeping track of the time but the time slip showed just over 90 minutes on the lane.

She said that she had a good time. :)

She still isn't sure which hand/eye combo is dominant yet. We rented a Walther 22 from the range and she was equally accurate with both hands, and has good form for the most part. We will be working more on stance the next time... ;)

Brigid really helped us out with her wisdom and her approach from a female perspective. I am truly in awe of her generosity. Brigid, thanks for all of the advice. It really helped.