Thursday, March 26, 2009


Also known as the Serve America Act. HR.1388 and S.277 respectively are working their way through the sausage factory. HR1388 has passed the House, and S.277 is pending a vote shortly. The changes that these acts make to existing Federal "community volunteer" efforts are startling in scope. Think about a draft, without being part of the military. 2 years, whether you approve of the goals or not. Working directly for the Chief Executive Officer, The President, whether you share his ideas or not. Under penalty of....???

The language says it isn't mandatory, but there is a provision to (*paraphrasing here) "investigate whether making this mandatory is feasible".

PLEASE contact you Senator and request that they vote NO to S.277. ALSO contact Snowe, Collins, and Specter in hopes that they will stand on principle this time.

This fight isn't over yet.



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