Sunday, March 1, 2009

Flirting with an idea...

Being disaffected with the Republican party, disgusted with the Democrat party, and disappointed with most of the remaining minor parties, I think it is time to resurrect an old one with historical roots.

The Liberty Party.

Originally formed by anti-slavery abolitionists in 1840, it survived for 8 years before being merged into the Free-Soil party. At a minimum, the name needs to be attached to a party with values consistently aligned to the Bill of Rights. Something we surely lack at present.

Too often, a minor party has great core values and then messes up the works with a wacky position on something radical left or radical right. Take the Constitution Party (please)...Great core issues, but then they have to throw in that bit about aligning our laws with the Bible. Nice in principle, but it guarantees that they will forever remain a minor party and a sideshow. (PLEASE do not take offense at this statement, I am a Christian and believe that the Bible says what it means and means what it says. Different discussion for another time, OK?)

If a political party thumps the socialist drum too loudly, then they lose the right and center-right. If a political party thumps the Bible too loudly, they lose the left and center-left. It is just a fact in America. We have an Establishment Clause for a reason. No "American Church of the Righteous Super-being", and no "American Church of the Agnostic Non-super-non-entity". That is just how the cloth is cut, and is how it should be.

So if a political party establishes itself as Constitutionally focused, Federalist in administrative bent, Laissez-Faire Capitalist in economic policy, and Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt-like in foreign policy, do you think it would have a chance?

I could think of a few wish list items to platform on...

Ending all welfare, Corporate and individual, on the Federal level.
Ending Federal control of the Education System
Ending personal income, capital gains, and corporate income taxes on the Federal level and replacing it with a level consumption tax for supporting constitutionally authorized Federal functions.
Ending Federal ownership of "Public Lands".
Ending Federal ownership of the right to broadcast
Ending Federal restrictions on freedom to travel
Abolish the BATFE, TSA, FAA, TVA, REA, FCC, EPA, and a few others...
Abolish the departments of Commerce, HUD, HEW, Homeland Security, Interior, and whatever else is beyond the scope of the Executive Branch...
Auction all mineral rights to the highest bidder for exploration, with lease fees to the treasury similar to how Alaska does it.
Auction all Public lands to the highest bidder. Private property rights generally ensure good stewardship.
Devolve the rest of the bureaucracy to the States to absorb, dissolve, or restructure in whatever way seems best for their residents.

I know it isn't going to fly...but a guy can dream!

While we are at it, we need to abolish political correctness and call it like we see it. Just because you don't like what I say doesn't make it wrong. You do not have any right to not be offended here. Deal with it. If any of the proposals listed gores your particular Ox, perhaps you need to check your motivation for making that cow sacred. I am just saying...



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