Sunday, March 22, 2009


This past week was one of interesting contrasts. The work week was hectic and stressful due to demands from the job. We got some unreasonable delivery expectations from my customer requiring some super-human effort on the part of our team. We will get it done, but I do not expect to get any recognition. Maybe that is a good thing.

Yesterday was "National Dungeons and Dragons Day" and saw the release of Players Handbook 2 along with some new player classes. Got to spend the day with some very good people playing games and basically enjoying a somewhat slower pace. I also got an introduction to a very cool board game called Power Grid. I might ask for it for my birthday.

Friday, I was finishing up some stuff for work and then adjusted the scope rings on Beauty. I looked over and saw one of the cats sunning herself on the floor. I had to take a picture. So here is a different kind of contrast for you. Both of these make me smile.

I call them Beauty and the Beast.

Meet Beauty:

and the Beast:

Both of these girls are useful in home defense...The Beast (Princess Sophie) handles everything under 5 pounds and charms everything over 50 pounds. Beauty just handles everything else. Both of them were rescued from unkind circumstances and they have a home now where they are loved and cared for.

Friday night was more pizza and games with the teens. I am in awe of these kids, they are just amazing. Another Friday night recharging the batteries and having fun with people I like. Friday and Saturday were great unwind days. Lots of laughs and good times. Sunday is shaping up to be a good one too. Looking forward to finishing out the weekend on a high note, with good people and good times.

I hope your day brings you smiles too.



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