Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Liberty lost.

If you read my last post, I tried to make a case for Liberty. I tried to make the case that Government is not your Mommy, Daddy, or Nanny. It is not Government’s responsibility to provide for your welfare, ensure your employment, or give you medical services for free.

In the eyes of the Framers, Government existed to provide very basic services. Everything not delineated as a core function of Government is reserved to the States, or to the People.

Government’s primary function was envisioned as securing Liberty for the People. This was to be accomplished by ensuring that personal property rights would remain inviolate. We were to be protected from enemies Foreign and Domestic by means of Militias and a standing Army. We were to be assured that there would be uniformity of rights accorded to the People, and that those rights would be recognized among the many states. We were to be assured that commerce would be allowed freely among parties, even across state lines. We were to be left as Free People, to pursue our own means and our own livelihood without interference by Government, so long as we did not infringe upon another's rights.

How did we get from that ideal to where we are now?


We got here because people got afraid.

We got here because an ambitious President, using a cowardly Congress, and with complicity from a Supreme Court more interested in keeping their jobs than in protecting Liberty, made it so. We got here because of the New Deal.

Once politicians figured out that it was easy to steal from the many to give to the few, it became easy to fool the people that Government was beneficent. People then forgot that THEY were the Government, and that they were allowing themselves to be bonded into Slavery through nominal taxation and Governmental largess, bought at the price of their Liberty.

The stock market crash of 1929 did NOT become a full-blown depression until the New Deal ushered into existence in 1933.

Really. Look it up.

The Depression was ushered into existence by a charismatic politician who decried the “evil rich”, promised welfare for the middle class, ensured jobs programs through public works for the unemployed, and payment for the indigent, elderly, and out of work. Sound familiar? It should. It is the exact same thing Obama is promising as it was then under Roosevelt. Brace yourselves for the new, New Deal; and for the new, New Depression.

So here it is folks:

If you want to break the bondage of Taxation Slavery; if you want to break the grip of “freedom by permission”; if you want to be allowed to become whatever your effort and brains and talent will afford, then say NO to the attacks on private property rights and individual Liberty.

Say NO to the attacks on the “evil rich” (using a progressive income tax), lest you be defined as “Rich” later on.

Say NO to the unlawful taking or private property so that the tax base can be increased for the city (Kelo v. New London), lest your property become the next target.

Say NO to the infringement of your Second Amendment rights through the myriad of laws that they are trying to pass, lest your right to self-defense be taken next.

Say NO to the infringements of your political speech (McCain Feingold), lest your regular speech be taken away too.

Say NO to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Welfare. Save for your own retirement, take care of your families, honor your parents and grandparents, your children and grandchildren.

Refuse to accept the ill-gotten gain of Other People’s Money, forced from them at gunpoint or threat of prison, and thus ensure your own liberty and freedom to produce.

Take a stand.

Convince others of the moral imperative that what is yours is yours, and what is theirs, is theirs. It is time for a quiet revolution of people living within their means once more, and requiring Government to do the same.

On a final note: Write a letter to any company that you hear is going before Congress looking for a handout. Quietly inform them that you will no longer do business with them if they pursue taking your money from you to pay for their failed managerial policies. Then follow through with action.

Any company that is failing, after rigging the game in their favor in the first place, deserves no place at the free-market table.

Let them fail.

This also goes for those union laborers who allowed the game to be rigged on their behalf by their parasitic union bosses, such that their host companies cannot survive under the load. You guys deserve what you get. You have killed too many industries and forced your own jobs oversees by your greed.

The piper is calling. It is time to pay.


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