Saturday, November 13, 2010

Admission by Omission

Prince George's County, MD County Executive Jack B. Johnson and his wife Leslie Johnson are arrested on corruption charges. The Washington Post omits the party affiliation. The omission is a clear indication that Jack Johnson is a member of the Democratic Party.

The Washington Post also omits that Leslie Johnson, Democrat, was just elected to the County Council. I don't know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of watching corrupt politicians treating public office as their own personal piggy bank. Leslie Johnson's home page (I linked to her bio) has Gospel music running in the background "thanking Jesus for the promise"... The promise of what, exactly? The promise of a never-ending personal payday of monies, extorted by graft and corruption, from companies just wanting to do business in the county? Puhleeeeze. Jesus didn't put you there. The voters of District 6 did, and they deserve better than for you to rape their businesses for graft money, while sucking down their hard-earned tax dollars.

The Augean stables that are our County, State, and National public offices need to be cleaned. They need to be cleaned right now.

Good job FBI for looking past race on this and actually building a case based on solid investigative work of the bribery, graft, and corruption that is rampant in PG County. Perhaps you could take a hard look at the rest of that council while you are at it?

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Obsidian said...

Here, here!

Funny thing, my boss won't even take cases from PG county any more because "all the lawyers in PG are assholes". Why stop at the council? Go for the county bar association while you're at it!