Saturday, April 30, 2011

NRACON2011 - Day one

After a long night with much stress and little sleep (See below), we finally hit the convention. Some observations:

Pittsburgh traffic planners make the guys in DC and Northern Virginia look like geniuses.

The NRA is very good at branding...although I did not see an NRA Canned Ham. Maybe next year.

The Duck Tour drivers are really not going to run you over, even though the overhang on the bow looks like it will.

The guys from Lucky Gunner and Crimson Trace put on amazing parties, and the Tilted Kilt is worth your time, even once. (Although, a few of the waitresses were hired for reasons other than their intellectual prowess...sorry, no pics.)

There are enough "Bubbas" in suspenders and coveralls walking around to lend some 'truthiness' to the stereotype.

If you ask the right person at the right time, you WILL get an additional discount on some things for paying cash.

Most of the vendors are passionate about their products, some to the point of rabidness at times. ;)

The H-S Precision booth was mostly empty, most of the time.

The gun bloggers are the most fun to hang out with.

More detailed stuff as I ready the posts.



Friday, April 29, 2011

The 3 AM call

Who do you want to answer the phone when it rings at 3:00 AM...or 3:30?

This time, my bride answered. It was my daughter calling to tell us that a) my phone was not working (she called my wife's cell), and b) my son was on the way to the hospital. Just like that. So, after a whopping 3 hours of sleep, I am now wide awake trying to figure out how to assist from 300 miles away.

Tried his cell phone, no answer. Tried the girlfriend's phone, no answer. When I finally reach my son's cell phone, he answers
"Hi-Dad-everything's-fine-yeah-the-paramedics-have-me-on-a-gurney-and-they-have-an-IV-started-but-we're-good-here. What's up?"
*blink* *blink*!??!?!!!! What?" (I hate it when he does that...)

I hear the medics in the background as they get his vitals and finish strapping him into the bus. The medic comes onto the phone and basically tells me he is fine, and going to Fairfax Hospital. Then the medic hangs up the phone.

"He's fine, and going to the Hospital"??????????!!!!! Those statements are facially incompatible. I try and call back but no answer, so I call my cell provider instead to work out the issue. (Reboot, reboot, enter some codes, reboot, hold...hold some more, reboot, fixed.)

Well, the reason the medics were called was because he had severe abdominal pain,, Debilitating abdominal pain. Nearly passed-out levels of pain. In other words, he hurt. They thought it was appendicitis. His friends called 911 when he nearly fainted. So, a trip to the hospital, some pain killers, 6+ hours and 3 iodine/radiology tests later, still nothing conclusive.

I checked in nearly hourly by phone, while suffering through a never-ending series of inane gushing American Newsreaders (on every channel) glorifying the marriage of another Elite English Welfare Recipient. You would think we were still loyal subjects of the Crown, to hear them go on about the whole thing.

So every phone call is the same: Nothing new, no results. I take a walk around the hotel.

Finally, out of frustration, I call him back. His room-mate answers the cell phone (he has great friends who stuck with him throughout). I tell the room-mate to tell my son it is probably just gas, and to 'man-up' and deal with it. We have a good laugh about the situation.

He relays the information. :)

An couple of hours later, while stuck in traffic trying to get to the NRA convention, my son finally calls me back. Says he is being discharged. They can't find any evidence of appendicitis (good), and think it is probably...constipation (lolwhut??). They prescribe some meds that *will* get things moving, and advise him to stay near a bathroom for a while just in case they do their thing. Then they kick him back onto the street. Call it the "$4,000 suppository".

Kids these days...(sigh)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

NRACON-2011 Pittsburgh

Heading out shortly for PA. Hope to see you there.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I get it

Often, when perusing Patriot-oriented websites, I see reference to the White House occupant as "Pres__ent". Which, when thought about, is a nice representation of the man who voted "Present" for most of his political career, and who has yet to show his "ID" (birth certificate).

PresIDent ObeyMe could not be reached for comment on this issue...


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Alan Gura Chair

Last night we had a gathering of Bloggers from the MD-DC-VA area. Unknown to most at time of invite was the fact that Alan Gura had also accepted my invitation to attend. Alan is an amazing person, well-versed in his field, and a stalwart advocate for our civil rights. He is a genuinely nice man, to boot.

Now, my wife was attending this gathering as well. And, while not a "gunnie" in the traditional sense, she tolerates my passion and supports our position. She was mildly amused about the way the introductions went:
Hi, over here we have CJRMultigun, SID, Andy from 'Bus Error', Alan Gura, ....(GASP!!!!!!)....., The Miller, T-Bolt...
It was almost comical at times. Anyway, she was amused enough about it to memorialize the event in photo. With all the reverence I can muster then, I give you the spot where he sat...Seen below, I present to you The Alan Gura Chair:

(click to embiggefy)



And a good time was had by all

Had a wonderful time with the DC-Area bloggers (and special guest, Alan Gura!). Will post more as soon as I can get things formatted. Thank you all for attending.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminder - BlogMeet TONIGHT!

Tonight is the big night. The blogmeet happens at 7:00 at Rock Bottom Brewery in Bethesda. Meet up with Jay from MArooned, as well as your local bloggers from the DC area. We will have a special guest attending, and you don't want to miss this.

See you there

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yes. I am still here

Just busy is all. I do have reservations for 20 for tomorrow's blogmeet, and the RSVP list is still under that tally. If you are going, please "roger" up.


Monday, April 18, 2011

QOTD: Security Theater

Over at Volokh, there is a thread relating to TSA Security Theater. In the comments (always a good read at Volokh), is this gem from "SG":
My preferred screening policy for Islamic terrorists is to put out a plate of bacon. Anyone who takes a piece can go through without further hassle. Anyone who passes up the bacon gets extra screening. It’s win-win — the Islamists self-identify and everybody else gets free bacon.

I realize it will raise some false positives with vegetarians, but I figure that’s OK — I don’t trust those folks either.
Can I get an "Amen!"?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

So there I was...

Standing at the stove, sauteing some garlic for an Alfredo sauce when my phone rings...

For the rest of that story, come to the Blogger dinner next Friday, 4/22 @ 7PM. RSVP HERE, or with JayG at MArooned.

See you there.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ten Percent

That's my proposed tax rate. As long as we have an income tax, then let's do it the right way.

10% PERIOD. No exemptions, no deductions, no poverty exceptions and no wealth surcharges. No "employer portion" hidden in the mix. No corporate welfare, targeted tax breaks, funding exceptions, 'green initiatives', wealth transfers, wealth redistribution, or handouts to special interests.

Individuals and Corporations pay 10% on the first dollars earned. All savings and investment income is tax-free, as it will use after-tax dollars. Eliminate the Capital Gains and Estate taxes. Then, stand back and watch the economy explode with productivity.

Too bad it will never work. The entitlement mentality has been inculcated into our youth through government indoctrination. Our Media and politicians depend on vote-buying and class warfare to remain in power. We have gone too far down the Socialism path to turn it around quickly (if we ever do).

Ten Percent.

All of the GOV's fundamental duties can be supported inside that figure. Almost NOTHING beyond their constitutional authority can be supported inside that figure.

Think about it.

Anybody who complains that "XXX pet project/agency/department/regulatory function/redistribution scheme is vital to our (YYY special interest bloc)" is trying to enslave you and steal your money to enable their power over you. The problem is that you sheep have accepted your chains without protest for too long. Anybody who tries that argument better show the black-letter Constitutional authority for their claim, or shut the hell up.

Time to throw the chains off and force the GOV to live within its means. Take a scalpel to the budget? No. How about a chainsaw instead? How about a bulldozer? How about we begin eliminating entire Cabinet departments? How about we eliminate every malum prohibitum law on the books. How about we pare down to a War Department, Customs and Border Protection (and kill the rest of DHS), Coast Guard, Treasury (and Mint, eliminate the Federal Reserve), judiciary, and part-time Congress.

Restore the right to Keep and Bear Arms, without infringement (like it says in the Constitution). Get the Government out of our lives. It is time to live like Free people once more.

Are you with me?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150 years ago today

The Federal war on the 10th Amendment was begun in Charleston Harbor.

Monday, April 11, 2011

DC-Area Blogger Bash?

Alright, folks. We have an event of great importance upcoming very soon...Jay from MArooned is hitting the area.

The big question is this: "Will there be a DC-Area Blogger Bash?"

Only Jay knows for sure. Stay tuned...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blogroll update

Long overdue. Sorry about that, I've been a little busy.

Sites being added to the Blogroll are:

Guffaw in AZ
Misanthropic? Me? Inconcievable
Low Dog on the Totem pole
Insert Witty Title Here
Bus Error

EDITED TO ADD: DaddyBear's Den

Again, sorry for the delay. Thank you for linking to me, I am happy to reciprocate.


QOTD: Judge Diane Sykes

"Mr. Gura, what would you like your injunction to say?"
7th Circuit Court of Appeals, oral arguments, Ezell v. City of Chicago.

The full audio recording is HERE. Save this one to your MP3 player. It is worth listening to over and over and over again. :)


H/T Sebastian, John Richardson

Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Percent Bitch

I started to leave a comment at Sipsey Street Irregulars, but it hit post-length so I am doing it here instead.

Regarding THIS POST:

Mike, this is not directed at you. It is directed at those 3%ers who just piss and moan about the NRA. You whiners, this is for you:

The vitriol we send the NRA's way may be justified. No argument there. Yet, they *are* the 800-pound gorilla that the Congress fears.

Rather than us 3%ers continuing to bitch and whine and complain about them, why don't we do something about them instead?

When my local church began to stray from the Message and secularize, in an attempt to appeal to the masses, I did not change churches. Instead, I changed MY church.

The NRA purports to represent 4 million gun owners. Because those gun owners are usually politically active, Congress bends to the NRA's will. This is a fact.

With the above as a given, what if we change the NRA instead of constantly whining about them? If the 3% number is true (and I have no logical reason to doubt it), then there are approximately (3% of 300,000,000 people) 9 million patriots who would take a stand, and a lot of them (most of them?) are not NRA members.

Say what you will about the NRA. I am not defending them. What I am advocating is this: instead of pissing and moaning about them, co-opt them. Take them over from within. They are an organization which elects their board. Every member gets a vote. Engage them inside their own system and bend them to our will.

Get involved.

We have too damned many whiny 'patriots' complaining about shit, that they are doing nothing about inside the current systems (where the risk/reward ratios are still sane). People would rather complain and be keyboard cowboys about the excesses of our elected criminal class. I am getting tired of reading the vacuous, back-handed swipes about the people who are actually in the trenches daily (yes, including the NRA).

You 3%ers who have given up on the system, keep stockpiling bullets and beans. At this point you are all talk. I know how hard it is to engage Congress, as I have been actively working *my* congressman about Gunwalker and lots of other things. I am active. Are you?

What Mike and David Codrea did is nothing short of amazing, given that they had ZERO support initially from the NRA. Yes, the NRA joined late. The fact is, they DID join. Did it help? Only time will tell. We, however, have to quit the sniping and backbiting and eating our young that we do so effing well. We need to make the institutional dinosaurs into *our* dinosaurs.

I am past being tired about this situation. So, here is my challenge to you 3%ers:

Get active, or shut the hell up.

You have a problem with the NRA? Join up and get active, or shut the hell up. You think GOA is not paying enough attention to your pet issue? Join them, get active, or shut the hell up. You think the SAF should be litigating against your petty infringement? Join them, get active, or shut the hell up.

I hope this is pissing you off. I hope that you take a good hard look at the man in the mirror and ask that guy "What have you done *TODAY* to advance the cause of Liberty?" Because if the answer is "nothing", then I have no time for you.

Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way.


The handwriting on the wall

מנא ,מנא, תקל, ופרסין
Have the leaders of Babylon West, the United States of America, seen the finger of G-d yet?

Surely, the priests and priestesses, the courtesans and the minstrels, the money-changers and the charlatans, have all had their day in the sun excusing and promoting the bad behavior of our 'culture'. Our nomenklatura, the mandarins of academia and the apparatchik, have all had their time to destroy what is left of our political will and historical memory. CAIR, and their enablers in Persia, have our media on the run. How long until political correctness destroys our ability to fight for what is right?

Isn't this what the Obamunists are banking on? How much longer will it be? How long until we are weighed (twice), found wanting, and divided? And, what then?


Saggy pants

Hey, SaggyPantsBoy! It might be your right to advertise your appreciation of jail-house fashion, but it is my right to point it out to you when you do. Get over it. Or, get stuffed. I don't particularly care.

The truth is, your mama should have kicked your ass the first time she saw you dressing that way. Your daddy should, too. I am going to keep pointing it out to you, while telling you to pull your pants up. If you have a problem with that, I have two words for you: "Bring it."

You are symptomatic of the decline and impending death of what once was a great nation. Your false self-esteem and hyped machismo are nothing more than vanity and sloth. Grow-the-****-up.